ADIVO°s got your back

Protecting Lives
in the Water

Sensor-based automation for Life Saving Rashies –
invented, engineered and assembled in Australia.

Performance when you want it, Safety when you need it.

Peace of mind

With ADIVO° you can be sure that we have your back, even in the trickiest surf conditions. Streamlined and lightweight, you won’t notice ADIVO° on your back until you need it.

From Surf Lifesavers, for Surf Lifesavers

Being Surf Sport Athletes and an active part of the Surf Life Saver Community for more than two decades, we know what you need.

Smart Technology Integration

Whether you are competing, patrolling or just enjoying doing your favourite water sport, ADIVO° provides unnoticeable sensor based protection that’s always got your back.


ADIVO° is built for active people, providing safety without compromising your performance above and below the water.


ADIVO° uses smart sensors to monitor your movements in water, automatically inflating your high-vis rescue tube if something goes wrong.


Not only could ADIVO° save your life, or the life of someone you care about, but it looks and feels no different to what you’re used to.

We’re setting a new Standard for the Safety of
Surf Life Savers and Surf Athletes.

But developing a safety device for Surf Life Saving was only the start of revolution in the water sport world: our automated safety buoy comes in different configurations and arrangements, making ADIVO°s sense of safety available to a wide range of athletes.

ADIVO°s got your back no matter the water sport:  triathlon, swimming, surfing, freediving, spearfishing, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing and many more.

Read what our users  got to say


You dont feel it at all… it sits in the perfect spot and wont affect my performance at all

– Bay, Ironwoman


Say you go camping with your family, the parents can just put it on their kids and know theres that extra level of protection

– Stefaan, Ironman


I go surfing, spearfishing, and kiteboarding, and tried a bunch of lifejackets and I still can’t believe how smart and streamlined ADIVO° products are

– Tom, Water Athlete

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